Tal Dekel nominated as President of the Pelmar Group

Engineer Tal Dekel, MBA, until last month the CEO of TGL SP Industries Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary of the Pelmar Group, has been promoted by the Board of Pelmar to be the President of the entire Group. The Pelmar Group includes 4 companies in Israel and 10 companies around the world, including the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Turkey, US, China and India and is specialized in supply of end-to-end solutions to the global tire and rubber industry with its own companies dealing with machinery and tooling, raw materials and ingredients for the same industry.

As head of TGL SP Industries Ltd., Mr. Dekel was responsible for a continuous annual growth of over 20% in both sales margins and capacity for the last 4 years. TGL has very modern, fully automated custom compounding division, with capacity of over 16,000 tons per annum. TGL is a world leader in design and production of rubber-to-metal bonding for military application. TGL is the sole supplier to the Israel Defense Force (IDF) for the Merkava battle tank road wheels and undercarriage components and suspension parts.

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