Pelmar to move its headquarters from Ramat Hasharon to Yokneam

The Board of Directors has made a decision earlier this year to move the headquarters of Pelmar after 30 years of being located in Ramat Hasharon to where its manufacturing group, TGL SP Industries Ltd., is located in Yokneam, in the northern part of Israel. The move was decided to accommodate the increased staff, but mainly to enable better synergies between the divisions. Dedicated office space is allocated and is being completely rebuilt now. The move will take place in the 2nd half of August 2016 to meet the original schedule of September 1st.

Pelmar’s CEO, Eng. Eldad Eilam, said in a statement that he looks forward to using the advanced technical and technological platform of TGL to enhance Pelmar’s increased machinery and engineering business worldwide. Mr. Eilam added that the change would strengthen Pelmar’s capabilities to furnish end-to-end solutions with focus on advanced mixing, compounding technologies and advanced automation solutions to its customers by the use of the TGL advanced laboratories and testing facilities. The Pelmar Group’s Executive Chairman, Mr. Jacob Peled, has added that this move was planned already a year ago, but the Group needed to prepare this carefully, logistically and financially, which has been done and lead to the Board’s final decision. He believes that this will enable TGL to use the international spread of Pelmar to increase its marketing capability and presence in new markets in Europe, UK, and Asia where Pelmar has its own offices, warehouses and staff.

Peled continued, "As the company is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the above move is part of insuring continued operation of the Group under younger, professional management and leadership."

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