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In the world, Pelmar Group has extensive experience in all matters relating to the new, restoration and Poderzhannyogo equipment for tire and rubber industry.

Pelmar attaches great importance not only what we do, but in a responsible manner and, therefore, continuous cooperation with our customers is the main focus of our activities.

We strive to find the right solution to combine the selection of equipment for rubber production and processing, and the design of the production line together with the installation and commissioning of knowledge and experience, in accordance with the requirements of our customers.


  • Tire Technology Expo 2018


  • TTE 2016 - A Success for Pelmar Group

    “Mr. Eldad Eilam, Pelmar’s co-CEO stated, “We enjoyed unprecedented traffic to our booth this year compared to previous TTEs and, in my opinion, this reflects not only the change in venue, but more importantly the increased demand and interest for new, innovative and comprehensive projects for the tire and rubber industry.”
  • TGL SP Industries Ltd. expanded its markets in 2015

  • Tony Gowan to Head Pelmar North America Business Development


  • Pelmar is honored to team up with Yerushalmi Water Cooling Towers, Ltd.

  • Alliance ceased tyre manufacture in Israel last year

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  • The Pelmar Group Promotes The Green Gum Recycling Technology